About Kristopher Julius
An award-winning artist with a true, deep love and passion of all visual artistry, Kristopher has found a niche in nearly every aspect of the creative process. He has a natural eye for color and light, composition, and clarity, with boundless patience for the “perfect shot.”
This makes Kristopher the perfect choice for capturing the people, experiences, and memories that mean the most to you. Whether it’s the laughter of your children, the sweet glances between a couple, the wisdom in your grandfather’s face, a family’s love for each other, a turning point, an event, or that perfect moment in time.
Kristopher has made it his craft to capture the life he sees, the old soul hidden in young eyes, the wisdom of experienced faces, and the essence of the people he is privileged to take photos of.
Kristopher lives in the Muncie, Indiana area, with his wife and bright-eyed muse—his youngest daughter, Robbin. A proud supporter of his community, and a booster for education and the arts, Kristopher often makes himself available to improve the quality of life for the friends and family he calls his community.
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